Interesting facts about Russia

Interesting facts about Russia

If you think that main strange thing about Russia is how much Vodka they can drink, you are wrong. That the Russians are special people, we can see every day on social networks, and everything is immediately clear after seeing some pictures on Facebook and Instagram. There is everything in this great country which extends on two continents, and although every day we hear and see some news related to Russia, there are also some facts you did not know yet. Most people have limited knowledge about what is happening in Russia, or how life looks there. Here you can find some fascinating facts about this mysterious and powerful country, and some of them will make you think about it.

–    There is a special day called Subotnik, in which people volunteer to clean the streets of the cities, and it has a very high response.

–    It is polite to give someone flowers, but make sure that the number of flowers is odd. An Even number of flowers is used only for funerals.

–    Moscow subway, according to many visitors and artists is one of the most beautiful in the world, and it is a piece of art itself.

–    It is believed that you are a weak man if you cover your ears with a hat on temperatures above -20 Celsius degree.

–    There are about 10 million more women than man is Russia. That is why Russian women are glad to marry for strangers – foreigners.

–    Price range goes up if they fell that you are a stranger, in tourist areas so keep your mouth shut, just point your fingers in the goods you want to buy.

–    There are 11 time zones in Russia!

–    It is not strange to swim in frozen lakes and rivers, no matter if it is below zero temperature. It is healthy!

–    Russia is 1/7 of Earth’s surface.

–    75% percent of Russians live in urban areas, and it is more than anywhere in the world.

 –    Baikal lake is the largest supply of fresh water in the world with 1/5 of Earth’s fresh water.

–    There are more Kalashnikovs in the world that all other automatic guns together.

–    There are at least 15 secret cities in Russia, you can’t find them on maps, and it is impossible to find them.

–    Russia is the only country in the world that has 13 seas.

–    Slavery system never officially happened in Russia, as it was in almost every other powerful country in history.

–    Moscow is the city with the largest number of billionaires in the world.

–    Izmailovsky Park in Moscow is six times larger than NY Central Park.

–    Russia is considered to be a European country, although its 3/4 of land is in Asia.

–    The beer wasn’t an alcoholic drink all the way to 2011.

–    There is no word for fun and privacy in The Russian language.

–    Siberia is about 9% of Earth surface.

–    There are 600 Universities in Russia.

–    The Trans-Siberian railway is about 5770 miles long, and it is the longest railway in the world.